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We Design and Program Yacht AV Systems

More and more we are finding yacht AV systems have particular needs which are different from normal home use. Because the users are normally only on for a maximum of a few weeks, it is essential the system is intuitive and as easy as possible to operate , while dealing with some very super yacht specific, complicated AV distribution.

With the touch of a button, the lights dim, the screen goes down and the projector turns on playing your preferred movie – all automatically. In an instant, everyone is immersed in the stunning picture and incredible sound. We take entertainment to a whole new level with best-in-class products that are specifically selected to bring out the best in movies, music and multimedia content all around the yacht. 

It is difficult to find a good technician with experience designing AV systems that fit the style and space of the yacht while achieving premium performance, which is why you are in good hands with Horizon Marine Electronics, and in particular our lead AV technician, Sonia Torres. She is an expert in onboard AV and has extensive experience programming Crestron, RTI, KNX, AMX, Lutron and just about every other AV system you might find aboard your yacht!