Peplink Cellular routers for superyachts 

There’s a few options for cellular connections on yachts, but for us there’s one clear winner when it comes to 4G Routers. Peplink products are used on about 75% of the boats we deal with – but thousands of boats are only a small percentage of Peplinks customers

In electronics there is safety in numbers. A large proportion of failures on a small product run can be the same number of problems as an extremely small failure rate on a large product run, and the company making the large product run has probably got more resources to find the solution. That’s why we choose Peplink Pepwave products. They have the size to support reliability and innovation.  5G internet is going to be a big player in the years to come!

Current Peplink Pepwave 4G & 5G Routers for yachts

Pepwave Max HD4-MBX

The HD4-MBX is not the craziest cellular router which Peplink makes, but it’s up there. At full capacity the 4 modems can use 16 antennas! We really like that the modems module is swappable, meaning that when the 5G version comes out in the future you will be able to upgrade only the part you need to!

  • 4 x CAT18 Modems give a theoretical throughput of 2400 Mbs (Although you’ll never get it!)
  • Cellular modems module can be swapped out in the future for 5G modems

Pepwave Max HD4

The HD4 has been the workhorse for larger yachts for several years, and has gone through several modem changes as it has gone. There is a significant speed increase available if you’re upgrading from an earlier LTE version of the HD4, the modems are not only slower, but only 2 would work in europe properly!

  • 4 x CAT 12 Modems
  • Wifi as Lan WA


Pepwave Max Transit Duo

The Transit Duo features a massive punch in a tiny package. Within it’s small size and price, it packs two CAT 12 Modems and the ability to use WIFI as a WAN connection. Since it’s only 34mm high we can fit these in places we couldn’t fit the larger models, meaning we can mount it closer to antennas, giving better range and speed with smaller coax and installation costs.

  • 4 x CAT 12 Modems
  • Speedfusion Capable
  • WIFI as LAN or WAN
  • Super compact dimensions, only 34 x 97 x 185mm