Oceanic Systems

Smart monitoring and control via Poseidon

Oceanic Systems have produced some fantastic NMEA2000 based marine interfaces, allowing more connectivity on board than ever before!

Monitoring a multitude of tanks, batteries, engines or other AMCS systems is now a sleek experience thanks to the well designed and thought out interfaces, modules and senders available from Oceanic Systems. 

Either integrated into your existing navigation system and AMCS or moving towards the futuristic Poseidon full AMCS system, allowing full customization and control of more than you ever thought possible! See below if Oceanic Systems and Horizon Marine Electronics can keep you on track.


The Oceanic Systems 4410 16 Channel Switch Input Module

The module monitors switch closure devices and reports their status over the NMEA2000 network.
These devices can include fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, bilge and flood float detectors, doorway and porthole closure detectors, valve status detectors and many more. With this module and suitable NMEA2000 displays the status of all these items can be viewed anywhere on the vessel.

  • Protected against ESD, Voltage Surges and Transients
  • Up to 16 isolated input channels
  • Indicator LEDs for each active Inputs
  • Switch settable Device Instance
  • WAGO Cage Clamp Terminals
  • Compatible with 12 or 24 Volt Systems

The Oceanic Systems 3185 J1939 to NMEA2000 Adaptor

This unit takes standard J1939 engine and transmission messages and transmits them onto the NMEA2000 network, allowing engine data to be displayed on any compatible NMEA2000 device, such as your chartplotter.
The J1939 interface is optically isolated to prevent ground loop problems and is read-only so no messages are sent to the J1939 interface for absolute safety.

  • WAGO terminals for J1939 connection
  • J1939 interface optically isolated
  • J1939 interface is Read Only
  • Switch selectable J1939 Source
  • J1939 Valid Message LED
  • Switch settable NMEA Device Instance
  • Panel or DIN rail mounting

The Oceanic Systems 3281 Water Level Sender

This sender will measure the water level in the fresh water tanks. It provides a ±2% accurate tank level to the NMEA2000 marine network.

The 3281 can be programmed with up to 100 volumetric points so that it offers the most accurate indication of the VOLUME of water in the tank. This volume information can then be displayed on any NMEA2000 enabled display wherever it is required.


  • High ±2% Accuracy
  • No moving parts to stick or fail
  • Tank Depths from 250mm to 2M
  • Up to 16 of each type of sender on a single network
  • Low Top Profile and Easy to Install
  • Robust Stainless Steel Construction

The Oceanic Systems 3420 AC Monitor

Utilizing technology such as current transformers, this unit accurately measures the AC voltage, AC current and AC Frequency and reports them over the NMEA2000 network.
The unit can be used for Single Phase, Bi-Phase and Three Phase systems and is suitable for measuring AC sources such as Shore Power, Generators and Inverters. It can also measure the voltage and frequency on AC Bus Bar Systems.

The unit has inputs for up to three phase voltages and up to three-phase current transformers. It is supplied with a single phase current transformer. Additional transformers will be required to measure Bi-Phase or Three Phase circuits.

  • Single Phase, Bi Phase and Three Phase measurements
  • AC Voltage to 300 Volts per phase
  • AC Current from 0 to 200 Amps per phase
  • AC Frequency
  • Configurable without external display

The Oceanic Systems 3410 DC Monitor

The DC monitor accurately measures the DC voltage, the DC current and the attached battery temperature and reports them over the NMEA2000 network. It also calculates the current state of charge and the battery life remaining at the current rate of discharge.
The unit can be used for batteries, alternators, solar panels and wind generators. It can also measure the voltage and current being drawn by DC loads such as Inverters, refrigerators etc.
The unit keeps a track of loads and battery condition even when the NMEA2000 network is powered off so the total current draw or battery condition is always maintained and is known when the network is next powered on.

Monitors and Reports:

  • Battery Voltage to 40 Volts
  • Battery Current to 1200 Amps
  • DC Current Transformer or Shunt inputs
  • State of Charge as a %
  • Time Remaining at current discharge in minutes
  • Accurate measurement of batteries, alternators, solar panels and wind generators
  • Panel or DIN mountable

Oceanic Systems: Poseidon

God of the sea.

The Poseidon AMCS system

Oceanic Systems manufactures world-class marine systems for control and monitoring vessels, producing the latest advancement in the industry: Poseidon. With the namesake of the god of the sea, the system has a lot to live up to and it certainly does. With futuristic graphics and simple, seamless integration and installation, this is a system that not only monitors and controls the vessel’s data but allows full user customization which is unique in the industry.

Poseidon uses state of the art vector graphics with the latest in data presentation techniques to offer breathtaking graphics. The system offers the user the ability to create simply stunning data and control displays and the functionality to import floor plans for each individual vessel and add beautiful photographs into the system. Poseidon strongly unites style and function.

In addition to the stunning presentation, Poseidon offers a total ease of user configuration, allowing the installer or the user can configure the system to add items as their needs evolve simply, quickly and easily.

Designed to be very quick and easy to install with simple low-cost cables between devices Poseidon reduces weight and complexity. This planned ease of installation ensures the system is functional as soon as it is installed.

The Oceanic Systems System Unit

The Oceanic Systems’ 5180 is the centrepiece of the Poseidon® system, providing alarms, control and monitoring to all of your vessels PLC, NMEA2000® and Oceanic UDP devices.

Containing a Quad Core processor, passively cooled and supported by a high-quality SSD. The system has no moving parts, so can handle anything the harsh marine environment can produce.

Poseidon supports up to two primary helm displays and up to eight
secondary displays elsewhere in the vessel across the network, all
available from Oceanic Systems as BlackGlass™ high resolution
touchscreen displays. Available in sizes ranging from 10” to 21.5”,
these displays add pure class wherever they are installed. Using
capacitive touch, sunlight readability and night vision settings,
these displays are continuously vibrant and beautiful.

With dual CAN, dual Ethernet and dual HDMI, there is no shortage of connectivity. Utilizing the ethernet based secondary screens, installing multiple displays is now as simple as running an Ethernet and power cable. no more long HDMI runs, splitters and converters. Oceanic Systems have created a solid, effective AMCS system with beautiful graphics, suitable for any vessel.


  • Intel Quad Core Processor
  • No extra software or hardware modules required
  • Supports 2 local primary displays & up to 8 attached secondary displays
  • WiFi link to tablets, phones, laptops.
  • Cloud-based link to remote devices
  • Up to 8 IP camera inputs
  • Dual NMEA2000® CAN bus interfaces
  • Ethernet Interface to PLCs and other devices

The Oceanic Systems Primary Poseidon Displays

The primary displays provides an elegant and modern presentation of all vessel control and monitoring systems.

The Primary Display range is designed to work in perfect unison with the 5180 Poseidon System Unit, providing real time data in stunning vector graphics. Poseidon is a fully customisable system – choose what you see as the customisation is limitless. Change the background of your displays, move, add and delete controls. The Poseidon® library provides a wide range of pre-installed options to get you going.

The Oceanic Systems Multiple Engine Display

The multiple engine display provides an elegant and modern solution for engine and tank monitoring by replacing traditional dials. It has proven to be cost-efficient without compromising the warranty of the engine manufacturer.

With both J1939 and NMEA2000 built-in interfaces, the engine display easily integrates anywhere in the ships data networks. allowing all the important engine data in real time, also displaying engine manufacturers published error messages if they occur. Also capable of showing data from up to 4 fuel tanks, the current rudder angle, GPS time and the GPS Compass, there is a wealth of information, at a glance!

Ensuring compatibility with all the leading engine manufacturers including Caterpillar, Cummins, Evinrude, Honda, John Deere, Mercury, Yamaha and more, all engine displays have been tested with each engine manufacturers’ error messages to ensure that they are displayed accurately. The devices are also switch-settable between imperial and metric display units.

• User selectable 2, 3 or 4 engines
• Sunlight readable 1000 cd/m2 dimmable display using BlackGlass technology
• Direct J1939 and NMEA2000® interfaces
• Remote panel with brightness up, brightness down and alarm mute buttons.
• Supports inboard engine manufacturers including Caterpillar, Cummins, FPT, John Deere, MAN, MTU, Seatek, Volvo and Yanmar
• Supports outboard engine manufacturers including Evinrude, Honda, Mercury, Suzuki, and Yamaha.
• Switch settable imperial or metric displays units
• Displays manufacturer standard engine warnings
• Displays 1 to 4 fuel tank levels
• Rugged IP66 front display seal
• Internal and external alarm sounder