Sometimes, after a perfect day on the water, the fading light can bring the adventure to an abrupt end, but not any longer! Using  FLIRs patented Thermal Imaging Technology, extend your time out on the water, safely. You’ll never have fear navigating at night again.

To assist our customers in Mallorca and the rest of the Mediterranean, Horizon Marine Electronics have just been appointed service and warranty agents for FLIR Thermal Marine cameras, allowing our technicians to assist you in all your requirements, from service and installation to warranty issues. Contact the team today to see our offers and promotions!

FLIR Cameras, beneficial for the recreational market?

Thermal imaging cameras may still seem a bit futuristic for some owners, treated more as a gadget or a cool toy, but used properly, they are possibly one of the most important safety features available for vessels in the market today. Whether its during the day, to cut through fog and minimise collisions or used to find a MOB in a big swell, to increasing nighttime navigational awareness, showing small vessels and tenders otherwise missed or objects in the water, FLIR cameras are certainly more than a gimmick. Available in a multitude of options, from basic hand held models, fixed single lens units, to the all singing, all dancing image stabilised, ice spotting, touchscreen PTZ, 30x optical zoom top-of-the-range models, there is a model to suit every application from the fastest tender to the biggest sailing yacht. When combined with third party accessories, even augmented reality and colour night-vision is now possible, so now there is no reason not to!

Horizon Marine Electronics, your FLIR service agent in the Mediterranean.