A new product to hit our shelves, in partnership with Applelec Marine, is the K2W Navigational Light range. Combining the latest in LED technology with German engineering, K2W Lights are offering wheelmarked LED solution for all vessel sizes, including the over 50M range. Coming in a small, compact, robust housing, whilst, most importantly, all being MED Certified. Finally, big things do come in small packages.

The K2WLights Series S64 come in a full range of lighting options, with visual distances for both under and over 50M vessels, from all-in-one tricolour lights suitable for a small sailing yacht, to 6NM rated masthead lights for the largest vessels, we’ve got a solution for you. All K2W units are all manufactured in Germany and Wheelmark approved, allowing for a much larger target market. 

Until recently the market for quality LED navigational lights has been rather limited, with the market largely dominated by the very good but eye wateringly expensive Lopo lights. K2W brings fantastic German quality with a lower price point, so the end result is more bang for buck. All IP67 rated, with high efficiency, low-consumption LEDs and an all metal and glass body, these navigation lights have a spec list to be real contenders.

The most striking feature of this new range is the size of the units! Starting at 65mm x 55mm, they are certainly more compact than anything else on the market that provides the distance required for larger vessels, especially with the all important “wheelmark” certification, whilst packing in enough power behind the LEDs to reach up to 6NM in the masthead model.





All the lights are available in multiple finishes and mountings to suit any requirements.


Standard:           Dark Seawater resistant aluminum (with hard Elox coating)

 White:                 Identical to standard version, with powder coating for additional protection.

Classical:             Bronze housing for fans of beautiful classical design and traditional materials.

 Base:                    Like a standard version, only with a square base for direct installation on horizontal surfaces.

 Base white:         Identical to base version, with powder coating for additional protection.

 Base bronze:      Base version in bronze housing.

 Double lanterns are available for vessels over 50 meters.


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