One of the pleasantly surprising additions to Navico’s line up this winter has been the extension of the already stellar Broadband Radar range, with the addition of the Halo20+

If there is one thing which Navico (Simrad / B&G / Lowrance) knows, it’s Broadband radar. They were the first to develop this technology in the recreational sector, with the BR24, and more well known 3G and 4G models. Although the competition has eagerly followed, it’s clear that Navico still has a lead of several years over the rest of the big players in this key area.

The new Halo20+ radar improves the already exceptional Halo20 with improved range and ultra fast RPM.  In addition, the unit has VelocityTrack Doppler technology which shows instantly which targets are moving toward or away from the vessel and enjoy simultaneous short and long-range coverage—up to 36 nautical miles in a compact, totally enclosed 20 inch dome.

So why should you care?

We are now at a point where the features required on a professionally run superyacht are available in an incredibly small dome. If someone had told you 10 years ago that you could have MARPA, Dual Range, 36 mile range within a 20″ dome, they would be pathetically off the mark. But now, we have a device which for sailing yachts provides a much smaller windage, and for motor yachts provides huge aesthetic advantages while not costing the earth. Where reliablity, performance and key features used to be the key metrics, we are now seeing size as being an important feature as the other metrics are easily met!

Key Features:

  • Built on now proven Broadband Technology for excellent reliability
  • 36 nautical mile range from a compact 20-inch dome
  • MARPA target tracking 
  • Doppler Tracking 
  • Advanced pulse compression technology with beam sharpening
  • Simultaneous Dual Range operation sees both far and near
  • Ultra-fast 60 RPM operation at ranges up to 1.5 nm
  • Easy operation with harbour, offshore, weather and custom modes
  • Ready instantly from standby
  • Low power consumption

The new HALO20+ assists you in  identifying hazards quickly with VelocityTrack™ Doppler technology, which delivers instant feedback on whether targets are coming toward you or moving away.  Using simple colour coding highlights potential hazards, improving situational awareness and further reducing the risk of a collision. The HALO20+ radar automatically checks every target in range, so there’s no need to manually select individual targets, and no limit to the number of targets on screen at one time. Combine this with the radar overlay function on a chart, alongside the AIS data overlay, its almost seeing into the future and providing you with the ultimate view for collision avoidance.

Delivering a full 360-degree sweep every second, thanks to its industry-first 60 RPM rotation at ranges up to 1.5 nautical miles,The radars ultra-fast updates will give you an almost real-time view at close range – offering the ultimate view for collision avoidance of fast-moving targets.

The HALO20+ Radar wakes instantly, with no warm up time before transmission, delivering high-speed radar coverage exactly when and where you need it. Even if your HALO20+ Radar is completely powered down, start-up is a matter of seconds, not minutes like traditional pulse radar. Whether you’re navigating through crowded waterways or contending with poor visibility, the HALO20+ Radar immediately cuts through the clutter to give you a clear and current picture of your surroundings.

As either the main radar on your vessel, or paired with one of the larger radars Navico has to offer, with 60RPM, 36 nautical mile range, dual range, all in an enclosed 20 inch array, the Halo20+ is a real wolf in sheeps clothing.