It’s been a busy couple of days at METS – keeping on top of all the new technology coming out! Several of our key suppliers have intesting products in the pipeline and CMC was no different – we now know more key details around the new Waveless range, and all the information is good! 

Peplink is another company doing some very exciting things while looking to expand it’s market share in the yachting segment. Lower pricing on some yacht suitable equipment is just one way they are showing this, there’s a series of very interesting products including antennas which set out to answer a bunch of problems we’ve struck in the past.

As Peplink is getting ready for the upcoming 5G roll out (Read about it here)- Intellian is getting ready for LEO satellite constallations. They’re already testing the technology and are very pleased to be downloading at 200Mbs with a 30ms latency. We will shortly have more information about this game changing technology.


Integration continues to be the big buzzword from the main 4 navigation suppliers, with full boat control and monitoring from the Multifunction displays being the end goal for most manufacturers. We’ve seen big developments in cameras, and with HTML5 integration fast becoming the standard, the list of compatible equipment is bound to rise! 

The other thing which always impresses us at Amsterdam is the bikes. Millions of bikes!!