It has been a pleasure working with Horizon ME. The friendliness of the staff, their expertise and knowledge of the systems has been very worthwhile to have on board, on a personal level, and for the yacht as a whole. Many of the systems on the boat that haven't worked, since I have been on the boat, are now in full working order. This has made running the boat much easier and it is certainly appreciated by the owner.

Ian Constable, Captain of 32m S/Y Irelanda

“I am pleased with the job and installation; it’s neat, professional, great looking, and most of all... it works the way it should! The important, and ultimately impressive, thing for us was the planning phase delivered by Horizon Marine Electronics (HME). The plan was designed really well and put into action without any deviation from it. Much of the equipment installed is brand new to the market which could have led to delays, but due to the experience and meticulous planning from the engineers, the project was completed with outstanding competence. I would definitely recommend Horizon Marine Electronics.”

Richard Harding, Captain of 34m Nati Tre

“I would like to thank the Horizon team for making the seamless transition from our problematic airtime providers to NSSLGlobal. The installation is first class and the guests and crew have been very happy with the connectivity and performance of the VSAT service throughout the past twelve months.”

Captain Steve Willoughby AFRIN. AFNI. (Motor Yacht Mysorah)